Acquisition and commissioning of a high-temperature laser confocal microscope

Funds from the Montanuniversität Leoben's R&D Infrastructure Impulse Program were used to purchase a high-temperature laser confocal microscope, which was put into operation at the Department of Materials Science in October 2021. High-temperature laser confocal microscopy allows the direct observation and recording of microstructural changes while performing heating and cooling cycles up to peak temperatures of 1800 °C. High-temperature laser confocal microscopy allows to obtain a comprehensive understanding of microstructural changes relevant to materials science, such as grain coarsening, recrystallization processes or even phase transformations (such as martensite and bainite formation). The recording of videos during the experiments facilitates a detailed temporal evaluation of the live observed microstructural changes.

The commissioning of the new microscope took place after installation and training by representatives of the Japanese manufacturer Yonekura in the new laboratory "Thermomechanical Analysis" in the building IZW. The instrument has already been used successfully for first measurements and we are looking forward to the new possibilities available to us and to answering many exciting research questions.

l.t.r.: Thomas Fischer (Chair of Design of Steel), Masafumi Fukuda (Yonekura), Ronald Schnitzer (Chair of Design of Steel), Mayumi Nakamura (Yonekura), Hannah Schönmaier (Chair of Design of Steel) and Gerald Schaffar (Chair of Physical Metallurgy and Metallic Materials) in front of the new high-temperature laser confocal microscope.