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Guidelines bachelor/master/PhD theses

Guidelines for Bachelor Theses

The guidelines for doing a materials science bachelor thesis have been agreed upon by the Curriculumskommission Materials Science in its meeting on 8th January 2013. They are valid for all students in Materials Science.


FAQ's for Bachelor Theses

You can find the answers to often asked questions regarding the bachelor thesis here.

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Guidelines for Bachelor / Master Theses

The following guidelines apply to the preparation of Bachelor / Master Theses at the Department of Materials Science.

Layout for Bachelor/Master/PhD theses

Bachelor/Master/PhD thesis in the form of a monograph, single-page printing 

Bachelor/Master/PhD thesis in the form of a monograph, double-page printing 

Cumulative PhD thesis, single-page printing 

Cumulative PhD thesis, double-page printing 

The Bachelor / Master Thesis has to be forwarded to the thesis supervisor, who is planned to accept the thesis, at the latest six weeks ahead of the respective Bachelor Seminar or Master Examination, respectively.

Before submitting the printed and bound Master's thesis, the number of copies required must be discussed with the supervisor.