Scholarship of the Hans List Fonds to Christina Kainz

Christina Kainz was awarded the Scholarship of the Hans List Fonds for her dissertation entitled "Chemical Vapor Deposition of Hard Coatings in the System Ti-B-C-N". The dissertation was carried out within the framework of the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Advanced Coated Cutting Tools at the Chair of Functional Materials and Material Systems under the supervision of Nina Schalk and Christian Mitterer. In her work, Christina Kainz focused on the production, characterization and optimization of hard coatings used for metal cutting applications. Sophisticated characterization techniques, such as in-situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction or micromechanical bending tests were applied to allow for a better understanding of the structure-property relationship of the coatings. The award ceremony took place on October 14th 2021 at AVL List GmbH in Graz.