Start of a new FWF project on nano-fracture at the Chair of Materials Physics

The new FWF project Nanofracture - Origin of fracture in high strength materials led Daniel Kiener from the Chair of Materials Physics started on 02.11.2021. Modern nanostructured high-strength materials usually lack ductility and toughness. An adaptation of the microstructure concerning toughness can be realized by grain size, lamellar structures, nanoscale precipitates or complex alloying concepts. The mechanical characterization of these modified materials will be realized via micro- and nanoscale fracture experiments, while their microstructure is addressed by means of high-resolution analytics. The chosen combination of in-situ investigations and cross-scale simulations represents an innovative approach to evaluate the fracture behavior of nanoscale materials, reaching far beyond currently available methods. Scientific cooperation partners of the new FWF project are Helmut Clemens, Lorenz Romaner and Rebecca Janisch.