PhD Student Nafsika Mouti - Chair of Functional Materials and Materials Systems


Dear Nafsika, I’m glad you found your way from Greece to our university. I hope you will have a good time doing your PhD with us.


  • Can you tell me what motivated you to do what you do today?

Honestly, I was always the kid that was asking ‘’why’’ and ‘’how’’ all the time and also the kid that could never stay in one place doing nothing. I dreamt of a job where I could be active, be able to answer my own questions and have the opportunity to get hands on experience on what I enjoy and experiment a lot. All the above, combined with the fact that my main goal is to be able to somehow contribute with my knowledge and skills to the world so that it becomes even a little better, were the main motivations that led me to where I am today.


  • What do you like to do in your spare time?

In general, during my free time, I really enjoy being active.

I like hiking, mainly because I can get closer to the nature, explore a bit into the woods and when it’s also combined with good company, well, then my hiking kit is full.

My biggest love however is dancing. It doesn’t matter the style, it can be latin, contemporary or even aerial. Because dancing is a way of expression, it can relax you, or excite you. Through dance you can show things and feelings that cannot be said through words.


  • Since you are far from home I would think you like to travel, is this correct?

Travel is a passion I would say. I always try to travel as often as possible. I am very interested in getting to know new cultures, new places, new people and way of thinking. Every trip is a new adventure, a new story added in my life scrapbook. And don’t forget the food! What would possibly be better than trying every traditional cuisine?