PhD student Jing TANG - Chair of Physical Metallurgy


Welcome Jing, we are happy that you are now with us and would like to introduce you as a new PhD student at our department.

So, please introduce yourself and tell us how you felt after getting the confirmation for your PhD position here in Leoben?

I am Jing TANG, a new PhD student of the Department “Materials Science”.

When I heard that I am accepted for this PhD position from Oliver and Anna, I was super excited, since I will have the chance to work together with such a lot of innovative scientists at the Department Materials Science. When I arrived in Leoben, I mean, physically, I realized that I could have even be happier about my PhD offer at MUL. Leoben is really a wonderful city with nice citizen and sights, which cannot be missed. Mountains, rivers, buildings, etc., everything is just suitable.

What will be your research topic?

I will focus on the migration of grain boundaries during my PhD at MUL. I think it is a very basic research topic in the fields of Materials science, but it is of great importance. Even though there are already mature models, that can reasonably describe the stress-induced motion of grain boundaries well, but underlying mechanism of the migration of grain boundaries brought about by thermal effect is still to be resolved. All in all, I will just devote myself into doing research on my topic here, and of course, enjoy my life here.

Besides all the work, you also need a balance. What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to play basketball, when the weather allows me to do. Going hiking would be another good option, since the sights of mountains in Leoben already attract me a lot. To watch some films can also be one kind of ways for me to have a rest for my brain.